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If the ABS Warning Light is on, is it still safe to drive?

Are molded radiator hoses better than flex hoses?

Are struts simply oversized shock absorbers?

Basic emission control systems and what they do.

Battery keeps running down.

Bleeding the brakes

Brake Calipers

Can Dot 5 brake fluid be used instead of Dot 3 or 4?

Can you replace a halogen headlight with an ordinary headlight?

Difference between four-wheel ABS and rear wheel ABS

Difference between low-tension and ordinary piston rings

Do engines with distributorless ignitions need tune-ups?

Do wheels have to be realigned when struts are replaced?

EPA finalizes CFC Recovery Rule

Exhaust Systems

Explaining Intermittent Problem Diagnosis

High Mileage Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

How do electronic suspension systems work?

How do you know when a sensor needs to be replaced?

How do you know when a vehicle needs new springs?

How does the oxygen sensor work?

How often should belts and hoses be replaced?

How often should oil and filter be changed?

How thin can rotor drums be safely turned?

How to tell if the FWD constant velocity joint needs replacing

Is it better to clean or replace dirty fuel injectors?

Is it better to rebuild or replace a carburetor or throttle body?

Brakes - AntiLock Brake Systems

Periodically Replacing Brake Fluid

Picking the Right Performance Camshaft

Replacement Brake Linings to Recommend

Should I sell individual CV joints or complete FWD driveshafts?

The Crank Seal has been Replaced but it Still Leaks

The Difference Between Throttle Body and Multi-Point Injection

Turning New Rotors or Drums

U.S. Metal-Studded Snow Tire Regulations

What are the new rules for selling R12 AC refrigerant?

What are the recommendations for changing filters?

What are the rules for replacing catalytic converters?

What are the significant causes of excessive tire wear?

What can make an engine overheat?

What causes spark knock and how do you get rid of it?

What do variable rate springs do?

What is a good rotor surface finish?

What is included in a complete brake job?

What is the best way to fix a coolant leak?

What is the difference between asbestos and non-asbestos gaskets?

What kind of fuel hose is best?

What kind of maintenance is recommended for the cooling system?

What kind of replacement pistons are best?

What motor oil is recommended?

What should a complete tune-up include?

What size battery is needed?

What things should be included in a complete valve job?

What to Recommend for Cleaning Brake Parts

What type of motor oil is recommended?

When replacing a cam, what other parts are recommended?

Which engine sensors are the most important?

Why are there many different types of spark plugs?

Why are there no returns on electrical and electronic parts?

Why Cars Need Preventive Maintenance

Why do some engines use RTV sealer instead of gaskets?

Why replace rack-and-pinion steering rather than rebuild it?

Why should ball joints and tie rod ends be changed in pairs?

Why should shocks and struts always be replaced in pairs?

Why shouldn't torque-to-yield head bolts be re-used?

Why Timing Belts Need Replacement







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